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Senior Horse Retirement

We love to love retirement horses. Our senior horse retirement program is based on many years of experience in rehabbing and maintaining senior horses with Heavenly Horse Haven. It is our belief that senior horses benefit greatly by being fed in individual stalls and then turned out for exercise and socialization during the day. The horses in our care are turned out after the morning feed and then brought back to their individual stalls for the evening feed. This avoids competition over feed and ensures each horse gets their feed, supplements and medication while still benefitting from the exercise and socialization of pasture turnout. This is important as all horses have individually prepared diets. If desired, owners can provide additional supplements. Owner provided supplements and medication that can be added to a horse’s feed bucket are fed by our staff at no additional charge. We also blanket each horse at no additional charge. Our facility is in the high desert and experiences all four seasons. We can get below freezing with snow on the ground in the winter time so we require owners to supply a blanket for their horse. We will then blanket as needed at no additional charge. We are active in maintaining the health and well-being of each horse. Our farrier is on site weekly and all horses are trimmed and/or shod as needed. Our vet has all horses on a schedule for vaccinations and dental. While the owner is responsible for all farrier and vet costs, we will hold your horse and assist as needed at no additional charge. Gina and Mike live on site so a staff member is available 24/7/365 to ensure the comfort and needs of all horses in our care are addressed on a daily basis.