About Us

Synergy Ranch is the name given to the ranch facility that has hosted Heavenly Horse Haven (a non-profit horse and farm animal rescue) since 2009. During this time, HHH has developed a strong reputation for the health, well-being, care and cleanliness of its rescue operation. So much so, many visitors and volunteers have asked to board their horses with HHH. Within HHH, the desire was to maintain the focus on rescue animals and not boarding. Synergy Ranch was then incorporated as a California LLC to operate the limited boarding at the facility as a separate for-profit entity. Income generated by Synergy Ranch will allow Mike & Gina (HHH Founders & board members) to continue to volunteer and serve HHH without compensation. A true ranch synergy.

What We Offer

Our many years spent caring for senior horses has given us the knowledge and experience to offer specialized boarding for senior and/or retirement horses. Be sure to check out our Senior Horse Retirement program.